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Scouting STRONGHOLD: 8 Concepts Every Team Should Know

You’ve built the robot – now build up your scouting Continue reading “Scouting STRONGHOLD: 8 Concepts Every Team Should Know”

The FTC Experience

My experience as an FTC mentor, and how FTC has changed my perspective on FIRST

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What is the Best FRC Game? (And Where Could Stronghold Fall?)

Every year, the cycle of Chief Delphi repeats itself; “Mentors do everything on team XXXX”, “Why do We Allow Adult Coaches?”, “FRC Tweeted Something Innocuous. Is it a Hint”, and of course “What was the Best FRC Game of All Time”. After seeing this cycle repeat itself for the dozenth time, I could not resist joining the fray this year, especially since a non-zero number of people voted that Recycle Rush was indeed, the best game of the past 15 years. Continue reading “What is the Best FRC Game? (And Where Could Stronghold Fall?)”

Keys to a Successful Drive Team: An Interview with Travis Covington

After Ty Tremblay and I finished up our thoughts on how teams can use their human player to their advantage, we decided to further explore the drive team and the people that are on it. To do this, we talked to Travis Covington, a 19-year participant in FIRST and a Woodie Flowers Finalist Award Winner. He has been both a student on team 115 and a mentor of team 968 RAWC and (currently) team 254 The Cheesy Poofs, who is a member of the FRC Hall of Fame and have won two world championships (2011, 2014). Travis is currently driveteam coach for 254, and provided us with some great insight into how his team runs their driveteam. We hope you enjoy our interview with him and pick up some tips about how to run your team more effectively.

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Thoughts on 2016’s New COTS Products

FIRST’s main suppliers all came out with some new products this offseason. This article is going to look into some of those new products and discuss their impacts on FRC Teams. I didn’t discuss every single small product, but this should give you a general idea of all of the major products out there.

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Behind the Design | 2015 Funky Monkeys 846

One of California’s best teams describes their robot Junky Monkey from the Recycle Rush season.

Continue reading “Behind the Design | 2015 Funky Monkeys 846”

Utilizing the Human Player (2008 – Present)

The human player in FRC is often overlooked (after all, it’s a robot competition, right?).  However, you’ll find that the human player can have a huge impact on the success of a team on a given year.  What were the best uses of the human player, and what can we learn from them?  Find out more after the break.

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FRC Electrical- Building the harnesses

FRC Electrical- Planning the Layout

Most teams’ electrical panels look less like panels and more like spaghetti attached to the frame of the robot. An ugly electrical layout is almost always the result of poor planning, or no planning at all when it comes to component placement and wire routing.  Here are some tips on how to plan your electrical layout.

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