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Utilizing the Human Player (2008 – Present)

The human player in FRC is often overlooked (after all, it’s a robot competition, right?).  However, you’ll find that the human player can have a huge impact on the success of a team on a given year.  What were the best uses of the human player, and what can we learn from them?  Find out more after the break.

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FRC Electrical- Building the harnesses

FRC Electrical- Planning the Layout

Most teams’ electrical panels look less like panels and more like spaghetti attached to the frame of the robot. An ugly electrical layout is almost always the result of poor planning, or no planning at all when it comes to component placement and wire routing.  Here are some tips on how to plan your electrical layout.

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Recycle Rush Reflections on Design

Hello readers! My name is Tanay Trivedi, a rising college freshmen at the Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Technology out of Bridgewater Raritan High School. I am affiliated with my former FRC Team 303: The TEST Team. This article is a quick recap and discussion of the 2015 FRC Game Recycle Rush, and how all teams, powerhouse or not, should use this experience to further their performance in the future.

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FIRST in Israel

My name is Yarden Saad I am a mentor on team 3339 BumbleB from Israel, alumni of the team and involved in FIRST for the last 7 years. I am studying Mechanhical Enginnering at The Technion.

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Behind The Design | 2015 BumbleB 3339

Hot off their trip to Einstein, Israeli team BumbleB 3339 gives a peek behind the curtain.

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Using FSMs to Model Game Activities

Today, we’re going to build a simple FSM to model the FRC2015 game, Recycle Rush. I’m going to focus on the part of the game I know, so we’re going to build a FSM for a HP loaded stacker. I’m also going to introduce the concept of multiple possible transitions from a single state.

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Park & Shoot: Eliminating Variables

Everyone loves a game where we have to collect game pieces and throw them into a goal. Every single time we have one of these games there are teams who design their robots to shoot from multiple or even infinite amount of locations on the field. Taking the time to review what the field has to offer can often simplify a robots design while making it more effective. It’s no secret that things go wrong on the competition field, so why leave so many variables on table. Enter the concept of Park & Shoot.

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A look into Robot Components Part 1: Motors

In this series I will be exploring some different robot parts that are commercially available to teams. The hope is that this will help determine which components you’ll want to use on your robot. Today I’ll be looking at motors. since this article is about helping you make motor selections for next year, I’ll be sticking to motors that were legal for Recycle Rush. All prices are as of July 2015.

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beyondinspection Joins FRC Designs

We are excited to announce that beyondinspection has joined FRC Designs. With this new partnership, the creators of beyondinspection will now be writing for FRC Designs. In addition, all 30+ beyondinspection articles have been published on FRC Designs.

Special thanks to Justin Foss and Andrew Schreiber for their support and partnership.

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